First blog post – Why am I doing this?

Why am I making a blog? I am a 21 year old man living outside of London, UK, and I never thought in my lifetime I would be doing this.

Well I’m doing this for one reason, I feel lonely. YES I have a girlfriend, YES she is very beautiful and YES she means the world to me, but I am unemployed, have NO friends and no active life outside of my gaming bedroom.

My only form of happiness is my girlfriend, she is the rock beneath me pushing me towards the sun. She is my form of happiness and I enjoy every second I’m with her.            But, when I’m not with her that is when it kicks in,

I get depressed, Lonely, sad and a taste of powerlessness when I’m alone.                              All of the motivation I have disappears  in an instant. The desire to do well no longer exists in my mind and I have NO willpower to go on. I go into a state of depression where I sit and game for HOURS and HOURS on end, racking up time I could be doing something productive.

My day goes like this, 10am – 11am WAKE-UP, 11am – 11pm GAME. Maybe I might Skype my girlfriend during the day for a while but other than that, nothing. I eat a lot of snacky food, I drink A LOT of water during that period too. I do my daily work-out of 40 Bicep Curls and 40 Sit-ups every morning and evening, to give me motivation to better myself. but that only lasts 20 minutes, then I feel sad again.

loneliness-quotes-best-pics-images-pictures-13I found this while browsing 9GAG earlier, GOD it relates to me so bad. I just want a job, to be noticed, appreciated, active, productive. On a day-to-day basis I do nothing and it cripples me because I’ve had such an active life and now I do nothing.

I’m doing this BLOG to help others like me. To give them something to do for 10 minutes a day. Drop me a message and we can have a chat, a call, or something to get us back on track.

Keep reading and join my journey while I overcome this stage of my life.


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