That one special person in your life.

Now everyone has someone special to them, someone who you would put your life on the line for, someone who gives you the purpose to push on when your feeling sad, lonely or depressed. For me that’s my beautiful girlfriend. She isn’t just my girlfriend, but she’s also my BEST FRIEND. I caps locked that because it emphasizes just how much she means to me.

She is to me what bread is to butter, she is to me what Miley Cyrus is to Hannah Montana! Don’t know what i’m trying to say but we go together perfectly. She is into everything I am and we both love/hate the same things too. We HATE scary movies, horrors and being away from each other. But we both love food, cuddles and each other. Which is all in all a very good combo.

imagesThis just sums it up perfectly of how it is between us. We still look back and wonder how did this happen, but we are definitely glad it did.

That’s the soul purpose of love. To find that one special person who you connect unfathomably with. Every has someone out there. You may have to go through a few rocky relationships and do some damage to yourself, but the right one will come along and mend you back to perfection. I had a lot of issues with relationships, trust, faith and love itself. But with this one she has shown me a true relationship.

So many young people are having kids or getting married nowadays and potentially not even to their soul mates. It takes time and respect to find that one for you. I see so many people who split with a child or get divorced because they had no common ground.

To be in love is the most lucrative and luxurious of things. It swells you with feelings and connectivity that you thought as an individual you never knew existed. But it is a terrible thing to also have a broken heart, as it is far easier to break a heart than to love one.

So this blog is about one thing. Everyone has that special someone in your lives. whether your with them or not, but before you have a child or get married. seriously ask yourself, ‘Do I love this person?’ As it can damage you and the individual if you leave after a vast sacrifice.

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I hope you have taken something in from this. As I have.


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