That unsuccessful feeling.

Ever get that feeling you falling into a pit you dug yourself? Where there is no way out and every attempt of escaping is met with a downward force that shoves you back into the pit? Yea I got that right now!

I’ve been applying and applying to all kinds of jobs in the past 2 weeks. Everything, from trainee jobs to retail and always no success. and every time they say i’m not good enough it puts me a step back. I get all hurt again and the bad thoughts come piling back in.

The feeling of not being good enough is powerful, and destructive. It can literally tear a person in half. Leaving them on the edge of self destruction. The days of being a child and having no worries are over for me. And that’s the thing about growing up. You all want it as a child, to drink alcohol, drive, go out with mates and move out your home. But in reality you regret saying that as you carry such a burden.

Today’s society has us to believe the current generation of 16-25 year old’s can move out of their family homes, pay an extortionate amount of rent, bills and other things AND all the extra’s that come with that on the basis of a small full time job in retail, because all jobs now require 10 years experience at the age of 16. Which is ludicrous.

All this adds up to the feeling of being unsuccessful. Not good enough or a bad person. And most people in the youth now are suffering from depression and loneliness because they feel everyone is against them and nobody is supporting them. There are no help out there, everyone wants your money, they want you to fail. Which is the sad part about human nature now.

To wrap this up, we need a generation of helpers. People who commit to helping the younger, more vulnerable generation get a foot into the ladder of life. To help the world progress as one, rather than as an individual person. Because governments talk of such high performance rates, but each year negativity is on the rise. So we can’t be doing all that good? Can we?

Thank you.


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