A world made free from fear.

Imagine a world that is free from fear, hate, crime and corruption. A world where imagination can take you anywhere and success is thrived upon. A world where a newborn is given every opportunity for hope, progression and opportunity. But we don’t.

We live in a society where the powerful rule no matter what. They use and abuse the law and the corruption to strike fear into every soul beneath them. Using the police, guidelines and taxes to cripple even the strongest of people.

Back a couple hundred years ago you could run of into the wilderness and make your own home. No tax, no laws, no rules. But nowadays, in our ‘civilized’ world we cannot even leave our doors without the possibility of losing our home.

A society where being different is frowned upon, and being normal is expected. The school system to teach you a certain way and only that way. And if you use your imagination it isn’t what they like and they mark you down. Fearing your own imagination, fearing being different. And those who are different are bullied, hated or assumed to be ‘special’.

A world where one wrong word and your the target of hate crimes and discrimination, one wrong move and your locked up for your life. I never chose to be born. I didn’t choose to be here.

Society needs to bang it’s heads together and let imagination free, let independence ride up above normal, and let everyone be themselves. Let people do as they please and live freely without all this demand for better and smarter. Some of the most intelligent people never get to use their brain due to the lower mind of someone else, spouting out rude words.

A world free of fear will not happen in my lifetime. Or the next. But I believe one day it could happen and the change in the world would be catastrophic. The possibility of all us working together, and respecting one another is mind blowing. Imagine the creation, imagine the change we could do. Imagine. Key word.



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