Self Belief – Do you have it?

Self belief is one strong feeling. I didn’t realise I had it until my Girlfriend pointed it out tonight and made me realise I do not possess it. But do you?

Maybe your not feeling yourself, maybe your surrounded by so much hate, stress or discomfort that self belief doesn’t seem there and your just fading away. Maybe you need to be patient.

Time is something you need to be on your side.

It is alright doing all your things you need to do, job hunting, work presentation, interview etc. etc. You could put everything on the table and go for it but you might not get it. You might blame yourself and go back to wallow in self pity and hatred your just destined to be a failure, but it’s not you. It’s time.

You won’t get what you want all the time. You have to believe you will get it in a period of time, and eventually you shall. Be patient, count the stars and keep working to what you want. But most of all KEEP BELIEVING.

‘Your success depends mainly upon what you think of yourself and whether you believe in yourself’ Quote from William J.H. Boetcker.

Self belief and time, are 2 very powerful aspects of striving towards what you want. If you want that job, house or car and you are patient, work hard and show dedication you will succeed, but most of all if you have self belief than you are most likely guaranteed to have access to what you desire.

Anxiety or depression affects more than 1 in 6 UK adults, and 1 in 5 for youths under age of 21. This is all caused by stress from having to over-perform at work or meet deadlines, exceed high grades at school and maintain a strong social life or at home life. Which is the heaviest contributor to depression. And I bet you most of these people who suffer, do not have any self belief in themselves.

Self belief can literally cure depression because it is such an uplifting thing. Depression is a medical illness which affects how negatively you feel, and when someone feels negative they don’t believe in themselves. They see themselves as a failure, reject or just a total waste of space.

But self belief restores that. It changes the way you think about yourself and pushes your momentum to achieve something new and strive towards a goal. Something which is the opposite of depression.

I think it is a matter of somebody finding their self belief which makes an individual so strong. I have found mine, now if you don’t have yours, you better go looking. Because it is surely going to help.




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